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Training - Services & Support


To understand the implementation and working of CMS. And how to take control of the workflow processes. Inteded Outcomes Participants will use the professional interface of Teamsite CMS and assume the roles of both an Author and and Administrator at various times. Workflows will be initiated and participants will learn how to manipulate the workflow in response to many real life (simulated) events.

Particpants, after attending the workshop, should be able to effectively respond to requests for Authors and provide Authors with suport in real time environment. Participants should also have gained enough understandings to be able to countinue their own education.


Course Content

On completion of this course participants will:
- gain an understanding of the TeamSite CMS Workflow
- gain an overview of a TeamSite CMS Workflow
- learn how to initiate a workflow
- learn how to approve a workflow request
- learn how to revise a workflow request
- learn how to terminate a workflow
- learn how to pass the workflow to another Approver


Learning Approach

- Hands-on workshop
- Practice exercises



- A booklet of notes will be provided.


Developer Basics

This technical course is primarily aimed at programmers, designers and administrators. It describes the architecture and technical modules and components of an Enterprise CMS installation and provides the underlying knowledge required to customize and extend and E-CMS installation.


Required Knowledge

Some programming knowledge (preferably with PHP) is rerquired. While we will briefly explain general concepts in E-CMS (such as installation, the Administration Interface, ect), we recommend that participants have some experience and understanding of basic CMS concepts.
Forcus We will explain how to configure and customize an Enterprise CMS site. This includes configuring databses, using sections, and configuring site accesses to serv muliple domains / views from the same Enterprise CMS instance.